Unraveling the Mythical Tale of Keong Mas: The Enchanted Golden Snail

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Unraveling the Mythical Tale of Keong Mas: The Enchanted Golden Snail

Indonesia is not only famous for its scenic beauty, but it is also the land of myths and legends. You may have heard of some good, some evil, and some enchanting ancient tales. One such folklore is about the mythical creature Keong Mas, also known as The Golden Snail.

It is an ancient story that has been passed down from generation to generation among the locals of Java and Sumatra. The tale of Keong Mas, which is both mystical and fascinating, is undoubtedly an enchanting story that everyone should know about.

The Folklore of Keong Mas

This myth follows the story of a beautiful princess named Dewi Galuh, who was possessed by a curse that made her suffer from an incurable illness. The people of her kingdom were in despair as they tried every possible cure but to no avail.

One day, a mystical golden snail appeared to the king in a dream. It told him that the only remedy to break the princess’s curse was to bathe her in the enchanted water where the snail lived. The king was in a perplexed state, having no idea where to find this magical creature.

But fate had a different plan. The golden snail came to the King in reality, and he was awe-struck to witness such a mystical creature. The golden snail was a rare species that possessed the power to heal any ailments. In exchange for his help, the snail demanded that the King’s daughter should marry him.

The king promised the snail that his daughter would agree to the proposal if she got cured by the snail’s powers. The snail agreed to this and cured the princess, after which she was asked to marry the snail. The Princess was hesitant at first, but eventually, she accepted the proposal, and the snail took her away to his kingdom underwater.

The Love Story of Keong Mas and Dewi Galuh

After Dewi Galuh was taken away, the king could not bear the thought of his daughter living underwater with a snail. So, he ordered his troops to search for her, but they could not find the underwater kingdom.

Love has its way, and Dewi Galuh fell in love with the golden snail. She lived happily with him underwater despite being away from her loved ones. They spent their time in joy until the day when the snail’s underworld kingdom was attacked by an evil witch.

The witch was envious of the snail’s power and wanted to kill the snail to acquire his magic. Thus, resulting in the snail and Dewi Galuh fighting against the witch. The snail was severely injured in the confrontation, and the princess took the golden snail’s magic pearl, which gave him his powers, and fled to the surface to hand it over to her father.

The magical pearl helped cure the king’s people of their ailments, and the Princess’ father was pleased to see his people heal. The princess, on the other hand, was heartbroken after her love’s death, and she went back to her father’s kingdom, where she spent the rest of her life.


The mythical story of Keong Mas being an enchanted golden snail is an age-old tale that has been cherished by the Indonesian people for generations. This mythical tale is not only fascinating but also depicts the true meaning of love and sacrifice.

The tale of Keong Mas is one of the many enchanting stories of Indonesian lore. Such stories help keep the culture and ancient traditions alive. It’s always enjoyable to dive deep into ancient and mystical tales and lose yourself in the magic and imagination of the story.

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