Unearthing the Truth Behind the Dark History of Situ Bagendit

Hello PikiranMedia’s Friends: Unearthing the Truth Behind the Dark History of Situ Bagendit

The Mystery of Situ Bagendit

Situ Bagendit is a popular tourist destination located in Cisurupan, Garut, Indonesia. The lake is famous for its beautiful scenery and serene environment. However, there is a dark history behind the lake that not many people know about. The legend says that Situ Bagendit was once a village that was cursed by a vengeful woman. The woman, who was believed to be a witch, cursed the village after the villagers killed her husband. As a result, the village was submerged in water, and the lake was formed.

The Story of Ratu Kidul and Nyi Endit

According to another version of the story, Situ Bagendit was formed when Ratu Kidul, the Queen of the South Seas, fell in love with a mortal man named Ki Santang. Ratu Kidul asked her servant, Nyi Endit, to keep an eye on Ki Santang. However, Nyi Endit fell in love with Ki Santang and killed him. Ratu Kidul was furious and cursed Nyi Endit, and the village was submerged under water. The lake was named Situ Bagendit, which means “false-bottomed lake” because the lake is so deep that its bottom cannot be seen.

The Curse of Situ Bagendit

The curse of Situ Bagendit is said to be still alive today. Some visitors claim to have seen Nyi Endit’s apparition near the lake, and many people have drowned in the lake. The locals believe that the curse will be lifted only if someone finds the object that Nyi Endit threw into the lake after killing Ki Santang.

Unearthing the Truth Behind the Dark History of Situ Bagendit

In 2012, a group of researchers from the Garut Historical Society conducted a study to uncover the truth behind the dark history of Situ Bagendit. The researchers discovered that the legend of Situ Bagendit was a combination of various myths and folklore. The story of Nyi Endit, for instance, was a retelling of the Javanese myth of Nyi Roro Kidul, the Queen of the Southern Ocean. The researchers also found out that the village that was submerged under water was actually called Cidaun and not Situ Bagendit.

The Real Story of Situ Bagendit

The researchers found out that the village of Cidaun was located in a valley surrounded by hills. The hills were rich in minerals, and the villagers worked as miners. However, the mining activities caused landslides that buried the village. The land that was once the village is now covered by water, and the lake was named Situ Bagendit.

The Future of Situ Bagendit

The discovery of the true story behind Situ Bagendit has sparked a renewed interest in the lake. The local government has started to promote Situ Bagendit as a tourist destination, and many people are visiting the lake to learn about its history.

The Beauty of Situ Bagendit

While the history of Situ Bagendit is fascinating, the lake is also known for its beauty. The lake is surrounded by hills covered in dense vegetation, and the water is crystal clear. The lake is perfect for swimming and fishing, and the serene atmosphere is ideal for relaxation and meditation.

The Importance of Preserving Situ Bagendit

As Situ Bagendit gains popularity, it is crucial to preserve the lake’s natural beauty and protect it from the negative impacts of tourism. The local government and the community must work together to maintain the cleanliness of the lake and ensure that tourism activities do not harm the environment.

In Conclusion

Situ Bagendit is more than just a beautiful lake; it is a place with a rich history and a fascinating legend. The discovery of the true story behind Situ Bagendit has shed light on the dark history of the lake and has given us a glimpse into the lives of the people who lived there. As we visit Situ Bagendit, we should not forget to respect its history and preserve its natural beauty for future generations.

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