Timun Mas: The Tale of a Courageous Girl Who Outsmarted a Powerful Monster

Timun Mas: The Tale of a Courageous Girl Who Outsmarted a Powerful Monster

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Indonesia is known for its fascinating culture and rich folklore, and one of its most popular stories is about a brave young girl named Timun Mas. This tale has been passed down from generation to generation and has captivated audiences of all ages. In this article, we will explore the story of Timun Mas and her encounter with a powerful monster.

Many years ago, in a small village, there lived a poor couple who had always wished for a child. One day, the wife found a beautiful cucumber and decided to make a salad. When the salad was ready, the couple was amazed to see a baby girl inside the cucumber. They named her Timun Mas, which means golden cucumber.

As Timun Mas grew up, she became known for her wisdom, courage, and kindness. However, one day, a powerful and vicious monster called Iblis Kemandhara came to the village and demanded tribute. The villagers were terrified and had no choice but to offer a young girl as a sacrifice to the monster.

When Timun Mas learned about this, she decided to act. She asked her parents for help and they gave her several magic weapons, including a needle and thread, a bag of salt, and a cucumber. With these weapons, Timun Mas set out on a journey to defeat the monster.

As she walked through the forest, she came across a group of animals who tried to stop her from confronting the monster. However, Timun Mas was clever and used her magic weapons to outsmart the animals. For example, when a group of monkeys tried to steal her bag of salt, she scattered some salt on the ground, causing the monkeys to slip and fall.

Eventually, Timun Mas reached the monster’s lair and used her magic weapons to defeat him. She sewed the monster’s mouth shut with her needle and thread, blinded him with the salt, and tricked him into eating the cucumber, which caused him to die instantly.

The villagers were thrilled to see Timun Mas return victorious, and they celebrated her bravery and cunning. From that day on, Timun Mas became a symbol of hope and courage for the people of Indonesia.

This story has many valuable lessons. Firstly, it teaches us to be brave and stand up for what is right, even in the face of great danger. Secondly, it shows us that wit and intelligence can be just as powerful as physical strength. Finally, it reminds us that unity is crucial in the face of adversity, and that by working together, we can achieve great things.


The tale of Timun Mas is a timeless classic that has enchanted audiences for generations. It is a story of bravery, intelligence, and unity, and reminds us of the importance of these values in our lives. We hope you enjoyed reading this article and that it has inspired you to be more like Timun Mas in your own life. Until next time, goodbye!

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