Timun Mas: The Indonesian Folk Tale of Bravery and Cunningness

Timun Mas: The Indonesian Folk Tale of Bravery and Cunningness

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Indonesia is a country full of unique and diverse cultures. One of the valuable cultural heritages that has been passed from generation to generation is the folktales. These tales are full of inspiring lessons that teach us about bravery, love, and kindness. One of the famous Indonesian folktales is Timun Mas. It is a tale of bravery and cunningness that will surely captivate your heart.

The story of Timun Mas began with a couple who longed for a child. They prayed to God and a goddess appeared to them, granting their wish. The goddess gave them a beautiful and intelligent daughter named Timun Mas. As Timun Mas grew up, she became more beautiful, smart, and kind-hearted. Her parents loved her so much and were proud of her achievements.

However, one day, an evil giant named Rawana came to the village and abducted Timun Mas. Rawana planned to marry Timun Mas and make her his queen. Afraid for their daughter’s safety, Timun Mas’s parents decided to seek help from a wise old man who lived in the forest.

The wise old man, who knew the forest very well, devised a plan to rescue Timun Mas. He gave her a magical cucumber seed that would grow into a massive cucumber. Timun Mas had to run towards the edge of the forest while the cucumber grew behind her. The cucumber would eventually distract Rawana and give her enough time to escape.

Timun Mas followed the plan but unfortunately, Rawana managed to catch her before she could escape. However, Timun Mas managed to trick Rawana by giving him a bag filled with ants instead of the promised gold coins. The ants swarmed and attacked Rawana, allowing Timun Mas to escape unharmed.

Timun Mas continued to run until she came across a field guarded by a group of rabbits. She asked for their help and the rabbits agreed. Together, they came up with a plan to defeat Rawana for good.

They created a fake Timun Mas by stuffing clothes and hay to make it look like her. Rawana was fooled and thought it was Timun Mas. Meanwhile, the real Timun Mas and the rabbits dug a hole under Rawana’s feet. Rawana fell into the hole and was trapped. The rabbits then covered the hole with soil, trapping Rawana forever.

Timun Mas was finally free and returned to her parents. She married a kind young man and the village lived happily ever after. The moral lesson of Timun Mas is to trust in yourself and be brave even in the face of danger.


Timun Mas is a beautiful and inspiring folk tale that teaches us about courage, wit, and perseverance. This tale is a testament to the rich cultural heritage of Indonesia and reminds us of the power of storytelling in shaping our lives. So, next time you hear the tale of Timun Mas, remember the valuable lessons it teaches us and be inspired to be brave and cunning in facing life’s challenges.

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