Timun Mas: The Golden Cucumber that Saved a Kingdom

Hello PikiranMedia’s Friends! Have you ever heard of the legend of Timun Mas? It’s a story about a golden cucumber that saved a kingdom from a powerful evil giant. Let’s read the story and discover how the tiny cucumber played such an essential role in saving the kingdom.

The Legend of Timun Mas

The Evil Giant

According to the legend, a long time ago, in a kingdom far away, there lived a powerful giant who terrorized the people. The giant would steal anything he wanted, destroy crops and property, and hurt anyone who opposed him. The people of the kingdom were so afraid of the giant that they couldn’t go about their daily lives in peace.

The Birth of Timun Mas

One day, a poor couple found a golden cucumber while working in their garden. The wife, who was pregnant, craved the cucumber and ate it. After eating the cucumber, the wife gave birth to a baby girl. They named her Timun Mas, which means golden cucumber.

The King’s Order

When Timun Mas grew up, the king of the kingdom found out about her legend and decided that she might be able to defeat the giant. The king ordered Timun Mas to be brought to him so that he could use her to defeat the giant.

Timun Mas’ Journey

Shortly after, Timun Mas was kidnapped by the giant, who wanted to eat her. Timun Mas begged the giant to take her to the palace before eating her, and the giant agreed.

The Golden Cucumber’s Powers

Once they reached the palace, Timun Mas was taken to the king, who looked at her in amazement. The king discovered that Timun Mas was not an ordinary girl, but she had supernatural powers that could help defeat the giant. Timun Mas had the power to grow into a huge cucumber and back into a small girl at will.

Defeating the Giant

The king ordered Timun Mas to grow into a large cucumber and asked the army to fill it with weapons. They then cut the cucumber open, and the weapons flew out, destroying the giant and his army. Finally, the kingdom is once again safe from any harassment of the giant and his evil acts.


And so that’s the story of Timun Mas, the golden cucumber that saved a kingdom. Though it’s just a legend, it teaches us that even the smallest things can produce powerful results if used wisely. We must always be brave and resourceful like Timun Mas, who was able to use her power to protect her people.

Goodbye PikiranMedia’s Friends, until we meet again with another interesting article!

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