Timun Mas – The Girl Who Outsmarted the Ogre

Hello, PikiranMedia’s Friends! Today, we want to take you on a journey to discover one of the most popular folktales in Indonesia. It is the tale of Timun Mas – The Girl Who Outsmarted the Ogre. This story is widely loved by children of all ages and is a fundamental part of the country’s oral tradition. So, let’s delve into the magical world of Timun Mas and enjoy this beautiful story.

The Legend of Timun Mas

Setting the Scene

Timun Mas, also known as Golden Cucumber, is a legendary Indonesian princess who is born when an old couple finds a large golden cucumber in their garden. They take the cucumber home and cut it open, revealing a beautiful girl who they raise as their own daughter. Timun Mas is kind, smart and brave, and quickly becomes a beloved member of the village.

The Ogre Arrives

One day, an ogre named Tumang comes to the village and demands that the villagers feed him. The villagers agree, and Tumang promises to leave them alone. However, the ogre keeps coming back and demanding more food each time. When the villagers have nothing left to give, Tumang threatens to eat them.

The Queen’s Plan

The Queen of the neighboring kingdom hears about Tumang’s reign of terror and decides to come and help. She gives Timun Mas a bag of cucumber seeds and tells her to plant them. The Queen says that each time a cucumber grows, Timun Mas must pluck it and keep it safe, for it will come in handy later.

The Ogre’s Trap

Tumang soon finds out about the cucumbers and demands that Timun Mas give him the ones she has been hiding. Timun Mas tricks the ogre by giving him a cucumber that is burnt and useless, but tells him that the next one will be delicious. Tumang eagerly awaits the next cucumber and falls asleep in the garden.

The Escape

While Tumang is asleep, Timun Mas and her family fill a bamboo trunk with all the cucumbers and run away. Tumang wakes up and realizes he has been tricked. He chases after Timun Mas and is about to catch her when she throws the last cucumber over her shoulder. It turns into a large spiral staircase that leads to the sky.

The Final Battle

Tumang follows Timun Mas up the staircase and catches up to her on a cloud. He tries to capture her, but she proves too quick and clever for him. She tricks Tumang into turning into things like a chicken and a pond, and each time she outwits him.

The Happy Ending

Finally, Timun Mas reaches the highest cloud and sets free all the cucumbers from the bamboo trunk. They become full-grown cucumber plants with gigantic thorns all over. Tumang tries to climb the stalks and is impaled by the thorns. He falls back to earth and is never seen again. The village is saved, and Timun Mas is hailed as a hero.

Say Goodbye to Another Interesting Article

That’s the story of Timun Mas – The Girl Who Outsmarted the Ogre. This tale teaches us not to underestimate the power of cleverness and bravery. We hope you enjoyed this article and learned something new about Indonesian folklore. Until next time, farewell – and keep exploring!

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