Timun Mas – A Story of Adventure, Bravery, and Cunning

Hello PikiranMedia’s friends, today we are going to take you on a journey into the heart of a classic Indonesian folktale called “Timun Mas.” This legendary story is beloved by generations of Indonesian children and is known for its exciting adventure, bravery, and cunning. This tale has been retold time and again, and we would like to share it with you in all its glory.

The Origins of Timun Mas:

The story of Timun Mas is one of the popular Indonesian folktales, passed down for generations through stories, songs and plays. It tells the story of a brave and cunning young girl named Timun Mas, who is destined to face off against a menacing giant named Widodo. In this tale, Timun Mas is sent on a dangerous mission by her mother to save the family from Widodo’s wrath, and she does so with bravery and cunning that has captured the hearts of Indonesian audiences for decades.

The Story of Timun Mas:

Timun’s mother has been chosen to be a sacrifice for the giant, who lives deep in the forest. Timun Mas, filled with love and courage for her mother, takes it upon herself to save her mom. Her mother gives her a magical cucumber that can help Timun Mas defeat the giant. She warns her daughter to be careful and not to ever eat the cucumber, or else she will become pregnant with the baby of the Giant. Would Timun Mas be able to save her mother?

As she journeys to the forest, Timun Mas encounters a series of obstacles including a talking deer, a greedy bird, and the giant himself. Timun Mas must use her wit and cunning to get past each of these obstacles, and she does so successfully. She makes use of the magical cucumber by throwing it far away from her every time at the giant’s command while still managing to get away. Timun Mas ultimately manages to escape the forest and back to her family with her mother, who is grateful for her daughter’s bravery.

Lessons from Timun Mas:

There are several morals to this classic Indonesian folktale. Firstly, the story emphasizes the virtue of bravery and courage, even in the face of adversity. Timun Mas showed immense bravery and courage when she faced up to the giant and snatched her mother from his grasp. This act of bravery saved her mother’s life and brought her safely back home.

Secondly, the story teaches the importance of wit and intelligence in overcoming challenges. Timun Mas’s cunning and intelligence were featured prominently throughout the story, and it seemed to be the primary weapon on her quest.

The third moral of the story is the importance of listening to others; Timun Mas was able to proceed safely with the help of the creature she met in the forest because she listened to their advice. This lesson is necessary for a society where everyone can communicate and learn from their peers regardless of their background.

The Significance of Timun Mas in the Indonesian Culture:

It cannot be denied that the story of Timun Mas is an essential piece of Indonesian Culture. This folktale is still relevant today because it promotes the values of family, bravery, and intelligence, which continue to be vital to Indonesian society. Timun Mas has been featured in various media adaptations, including movies, cartoons, and video games. Whenever people hear this folktale, they feel a sense of nostalgia for their childhood.


To conclude, the tale of Timun Mas is a beautiful Indonesian folktale that has captured the hearts of generations of Indonesian children. By listening to this story, we can learn about the importance of bravery, intelligence and how cleverness can help overcome challenges. This is a timeless story that will always hold a special place in the hearts of the Indonesian people.

Thank you for reading this article about Timun Mas. We hope you enjoyed reading it and learned something new about Indonesian culture. Keep an eye out for more exciting articles from us. Until then, goodbye, folks!

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