The Untold Story of Situ Bagendit: A Remarkable Tale of Perseverance and Resilience

The Untold Story of Situ Bagendit: A Remarkable Tale of Perseverance and Resilience

Hello PikiranMedia’s Friends, welcome to an intriguing story of Situ Bagendit, a lake in Garut, Indonesia. This lake bears a remarkable tale of perseverance and resilience that will leave you amazed! Situ Bagendit is known for its beauty and calmness, but the story behind it is nothing less than inspirational.

Origin of Situ Bagendit

Situ Bagendit was formed during the eruption of Mount Cikuray, one of the active volcano mountains in Garut, Indonesia. It was an eruption that occurred in the 17th century and is said to have caused a landslide, which blocked the Cikapundung river’s water flow, creating a natural dam. The dammed water created a lake, now known as Situ Bagendit.

The Untold Story of Situ Bagendit

The story of Situ Bagendit began to unfold in 1966, when the government proposed a plan to construct a hydroelectric power plant on the lake’s dam. The plan would have meant the submergence of the region and forced the people to leave their homes, including Situ Bagendit’s natural beauty.

The villagers didn’t want to leave their ancestral homes or see the natural beauty of their beloved lake submerged. They were determined to fight against the government’s plan to build a hydroelectric power plant.

The Struggle for Survival

The villagers’ initial effort was to create Barisan Pemanfaatan Situ Bagendit or BPSB, a group tasked with protecting the lake’s natural beauty and surroundings. The BPSB was initially created to raise awareness about the proposed hydroelectric power plant project among the local community.

The BPSB effort was not only about raising awareness but also reaching out to higher authorities, namely the Indonesian parliament. The BPSB’s struggle gained significant momentum when the Supreme Court supported their cause and ordered the government not to submerge the region unnecessarily.

The Victory

After years of struggle and hard work, the BPSB finally achieved victory as the Indonesian government withdrew plans to construct the hydroelectric power plant. The victory of the BPSB also meant that the Situ Bagendit and its surroundings survived and remained intact to this day.

The Societal Impact

The Situ Bagendit story is not only about protecting nature but provides a valuable lesson about the importance of perseverance and resilience. The story of Situ Bagendit inspired many other communities to fight for their natural rights genuinely. The Situ Bagendit victory has become an essential landmark in Indonesia’s environmental history, and there is hope that other communities will follow in their footsteps.


The story of Situ Bagendit will remain a remarkable tale of perseverance and resilience for generations to come. The lake and its surroundings are reminders of the impact that a united community can achieve. The villagers of Situ Bagendit have shown us that if we stand together, anything is possible.

Thank you for reading, PikiranMedia’s Friends, and stay tuned for more exciting articles!

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