The Mythical Story of Keong Mas: A Tale of Love, Sacrifice and Redemption

The Mythical Story of Keong Mas: A Tale of Love, Sacrifice and Redemption

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Indonesia is a land of myths and legends, and one of the most popular stories is about Keong Mas, the golden snail. The legend has it that a beautiful princess transforms into a golden snail to escape the advances of an evil prince. She meets a kind-hearted fisherman who falls in love with her, and they embark on a journey filled with love, sacrifice, and redemption.

According to the story, Keong Mas was a princess who lived in a kingdom ruled by her tyrannical father. The princess was not happy with her life and often wished to escape to a better place. One evening, while she was wandering in the gardens, she noticed a golden snail crawling on a plant. As she picked it up, she felt a strange sensation, and the next thing she knew, she had transformed into a golden snail.

Filled with fear and confusion, Keong Mas slithered away from the palace and into the forest. She continued her journey until she reached a river, where she met a poor fisherman. The fisherman was surprised to see a golden snail, but he felt a sense of compassion towards her and decided to keep her as his pet.

As time passed, the fisherman began to notice something strange about the snail. He felt a strong connection with her and soon realized that the snail was, in fact, the princess. He fell deeply in love with her and decided to take care of her, hoping that one day, she would transform back into a human.

The fisherman would often take Keong Mas out with him on his fishing trips. One day, he discovered a magical well, which he believed could restore the princess to her human form. However, the well was guarded by a giant serpent who demanded a sacrifice in exchange for the magic water.

The fisherman was filled with despair as he knew he could not let Keong Mas be sacrificed. However, the snail knew what she had to do. She offered herself as a sacrifice, and the serpent accepted. Keong Mas drank the magical water and transformed back into the beautiful princess she was.

The fisherman was filled with joy, but it was short-lived as the princess had to return to her kingdom. However, she did not want to leave the fisherman and promised to return one day. The princess returned to her kingdom, but her father was filled with rage and banished her to a small island, where she lived for years, waiting to be rescued.

Meanwhile, the fisherman had fallen ill and passed away. However, before he died, he asked his son to fulfill his promise to Keong Mas and find her on the island. The son and a group of fishermen set off on a journey and eventually found the island. They found the princess and brought her back to the kingdom.

Upon her return, the princess discovered that her father was dead, and her kingdom was now ruled by a just and kind-hearted king. She married the king, and together they ruled the kingdom with compassion and love. Keong Mas lived happily ever after, and her tale became a popular legend that continues to be told in Indonesia today.


The story of Keong Mas is a classic tale of love, sacrifice, and redemption. It highlights the power of compassion and the importance of fulfilling promises. The legend has been passed down from generation to generation and continues to fascinate people with its mythical charm. It is a story that inspires hope and reminds us that love can conquer all. Thank you for reading this article, and we look forward to bringing you more fascinating stories in the future.

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