The Legend of Situ Bagendit: A Mysterious Lake with a Haunting Past

The Legend of Situ Bagendit: A Mysterious Lake with a Haunting Past

Hello PikiranMedia’s Friends! Today, we’ll be delving into the fascinating legend of Situ Bagendit, one of the spookiest lakes in Indonesia. With its rich history and mysterious origin, this lake has become a prominent tourist attraction in the region. Let’s explore more about it in this article.

The Origin of Situ Bagendit

Situ Bagendit is situated in the Garut District of West Java. According to the legendary tale, the lake was formerly known as Situ Buleud and was once a vast meadow area where farmers could cultivate crops. However, due to the devastating eruption of Mt. Cikuray, which took place over 200 years back, the land sunk, creating the natural basin that is now known as Situ Bagendit.

The crater of this lake is approximately 500 hectares, which is covered with water up to 7 meters deep. The lake is also known for its lush green surroundings and its soothing, mesmerizing environment.

The Legend of Situ Bagendit

Along with its scenic beauty and mesmerizing environment, Situ Bagendit is also famous for its legend. Once upon a time, there was a wealthy family who owned a significant estate near the lake. The head of the family, Ki Joko Bodo, owned a vast amount of rice fields, cattle farms and was respected by everyone in his community.

Ki Joko Bodo’s eldest son, Kambing, betrothed the love of his life, Dayang Sumbi. However, his younger brother, Sangkuriang, also fell in love with Dayang Sumbi’s beauty and elegance. Ki Joko Bodo warned Sangkuriang that he wasn’t aware of the bond Dayang Sumbi shares with Kambing, and encouraged him not to pursue her.

However, Sangkuriang ignored the advice and continued to woo Dayang Sumbi. Ki Joko Bodo discovered his youngest son’s intentions and intervened by telling him to find a perfect boat and complete it within one night. Then, he would agree to Sangkuriang’s marriage with Dayang Sumbi.

Expecting his father’s words to be final, Sangkuriang intended to gather all his strength and completed the boat overnight. However, Dayang Sumbi found out about this, and to prevent her son from making a drastic mistake, she sought help from the gods.

Dayang Sumbi successfully persuaded the deities, and they created a false dawn, fooling Sangkuriang into believing it’s already morning. He then immediately stopped his work, infuriated by his failure to complete the task on time. This led to him kicking the boat, giving it an unusual shape and flipping it upside down, forming the mountain Tangkuban Perahu that overlooks the lake.

As for Dayang Sumbi, she disappeared into the forest, never to be seen again. But her legend remains to this day, with the belief that she transformed into the lake’s mysterious presence that roams the water’s surface.

The Haunting Presences of The Lake

The locals believe that the lake is still haunted by the presence of Dayang Sumbi. Many visitors have reported terrifying experiences such as hearing strange sounds and encountering paranormal activities in the vicinity of the lake.

The legend of Situ Bagendit has intrigued visitors for years. Many tourists visit the lake to witness the natural beauty and to discover the charm of its legendary tale.


Situ Bagendit is more than just a natural sight – it’s a living legend that captivates visitors of all ages and backgrounds. From the mysterious curse of Dayang Sumbi to the awe-inspiring natural scenery surrounding the lake, Situ Bagendit has everything necessary to make visitors feel a part of its haunting presence.

We hope you enjoyed this article about the mysterious legend of Situ Bagendit. Until next time, stay spooky!

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