The Curse of Situ Bagendit: Dark Tales Surrounding Indonesia’s Infamous Lake

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Indonesia’s Situ Bagendit is a picturesque lake situated near Garut in West Java, Indonesia. It is well-known for its fishing opportunities, natural beauty, and the legend that surrounds it – The Curse of Situ Bagendit.

The Legend of Situ Bagendit

The legend of Situ Bagendit centers on the curse placed on the lake by a young villager named Si Pitung. Si Pitung fell in love with a beautiful princess, but her father disapproved of their relationship. Despite this, Si Pitung still pursued her, and when her father found out, he executed Si Pitung. Before he died, he placed a curse upon the lake, causing it to flood the surrounding villages every year.

Over time, many people have tried to break the curse but have failed. They say the only way to end the curse would be to sacrifice seven virgins on the shore of the lake.

The Dark Tales Surrounding Situ Bagendit

The locals say that many strange occurrences have happened around the lake due to the curse. One famous tale is that of a farmer’s wife who disappeared into the lake while picking water lilies. Her body was never found.

There are also stories of fishermen who were pulled into the lake by an unseen force, and some claim that they heard whispers from beneath the water.

Attempts to Break the Curse

There have been many attempts to break the curse of Situ Bagendit, but none have been successful. In the 1960s, the government undertook a project to dredge the lake in hopes of breaking the curse, but it only made things worse. The lake flooded the surrounding villages more severely than ever before, and the government was forced to abandon the project.

In 1997, some members of a local youth group attempted to break the curse by performing some mystical rituals, but again, it was unsuccessful.

Mystery of the Lake’s Disappearance

Another mystery that surrounds the lake is that it disappeared completely for six months in 2018, leaving behind an empty basin. No one knows where the water went, but it eventually returned to its normal level, leaving people puzzled.

Recent Developments

In recent years, the locals have come together to preserve the lake and promote it as a tourist attraction. Despite the dark history associated with it, Situ Bagendit is still known for its natural beauty and abundance of fish, making it a popular destination for fishing enthusiasts.

Closing Thoughts

The Curse of Situ Bagendit remains a captivating legend and serves as a reminder of the power of folklore and superstition. Whether one believes in the curse or not, Situ Bagendit remains a unique and intriguing place to visit.

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