Obsessed With Keong Mas – The Golden Snail That Forever Captivates Indonesian Folklore.

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Obsessed With Keong Mas – The Golden Snail That Forever Captivates Indonesian Folklore

In Indonesia, folklore has been passed down through generations and has become an important part of the nation’s culture. One of the most fascinating stories in Indonesian folklore is that of Keong Mas, the Golden Snail. This story has captured the hearts and minds of the Indonesian people, and continues to do so to this day.

According to the story, Keong Mas was a beautiful young woman who was cursed and transformed into a golden snail. She was loved by the people of the kingdom and was respected for her wisdom and beauty. One day, a prince from a neighboring kingdom heard about her and became obsessed with finding her.

The prince searched far and wide for Keong Mas, and when he finally found her, he fell deeply in love with her. However, Keong Mas knew that she could never be with the prince because of her curse. She gave the prince a challenge – if he could find her real form and break the curse, then she would marry him.

The prince accepted the challenge and went on a journey to find Keong Mas’ real form. Along the way, he met many challenges and obstacles, but he never gave up. Finally, he found Keong Mas’ true form and broke the curse, allowing her to return to human form.

Keong Mas and the prince married and lived happily ever after, but the story of their love and the golden snail has continued to captivate Indonesian folklore enthusiasts to this day.

The Legend of Keong Mas Today

In Indonesia, Keong Mas has become a beloved figure, and her story remains an important part of the nation’s folklore. The legend has been depicted in various forms of art, such as paintings, sculptures, and plays. The story has also been adapted into a movie, which was released in 1995.

Many people continue to be fascinated by the story of Keong Mas, as it represents an eternal search for true love and the importance of never giving up. The legend reminds us of our own personal journeys and inspires us to believe that anything is possible.


In conclusion, Keong Mas, the Golden Snail, has forever captivated Indonesian folklore. Her story serves as an inspiration to all those who hear it and reminds us that love will always find a way. As we continue to pass down this legend to future generations, we will ensure that the story of Keong Mas will always be remembered.

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