Monkey Business: Uncovering the True Story Behind Wukong the Monkey King

Monkey Business: Uncovering the True Story Behind Wukong the Monkey King

Hello PikiranMedia’s Friends! Are you familiar with the renowned Monkey King character named Wukong who is known for his monkey-like agility and strength? Wukong has a rich history and interesting story behind his rise to fame. In this article, we’ll dive deep into the life and times of Monkey King, Wukong.

Wukong’s Origin Story

Wukong, also known as Sun Wukong, is a legendary figure who originated from China’s classic novel, “Journey to the West” written by Wu Cheng’en.   

Wukong was not always a God. Before his rise to stardom, he was born out of a rock that had been imbued with strong heavenly energies. He was discovered by a Taoist master who then took him as his disciple. The master trained him in martial arts and taught him sorcery, from which he mastered 72 methods. The training and sorcery helped him gain power and incredible agility that he is now known for.

Monkey King’s Accomplishments

Wukong is known as one of the most powerful characters in Chinese literature. He is celebrated for his bravery and strength in battles with dragons, demons, and other supernatural creatures. He was so powerful that the gods became envious of him and made numerous attempts to control him but all to no avail.

Wukong’s popularity reigns to-date due to the magic he exhibited in several battles while accompanied by his fellow heroes. His legendary feats include the ability to shrink or enter someone’s ear or nose, control the wind, and transform into insects, different animals, or inanimate objects.

Wukong’s Personality Traits

Wukong is a mischievous and playful character, always up for a laugh or a fight. He was well known for his independent and strong-willed personality, refusing to follow any authority, even the gods. His pride and arrogance often led him into trouble, but he always managed to come out unscathed. Despite his playful nature, Wukong was also a hero who came to the defense of the weak and poor.

Wukong’s Journey to the West

In the novel “Journey to the West,” Wukong embarks on a quest to obtain the knowledge of immortality. He teams up with a Buddhist monk named Tang Sanzang, who recruits Wukong to serve as his bodyguard and guide him through the tumultuous journey.

During their travels, they encounter numerous obstacles and battles with frightful demons and monsters. Wukong’s presence is invaluable as he uses his magical abilities to save the group on countless occasions.

Wukong’s Legacy

Wukong’s legacy has spanned centuries and remains influential in modern times. Today, he is a popular character in Chinese literature, pop culture, and media. His story has been adapted into several movies, video games, literature, and animated television series, making him a household name in China and beyond.

The character has also had an impact beyond entertainment. Scholars view Wukong as a symbol of the universal themes of humanity like the concept of heroism, and the importance of fighting for what is right.


The story of Wukong is one that has fascinated and inspired many generations. His abilities, his antics, and his unwavering loyalty have impacted Chinese society and culture beyond entertainment. We can all learn a thing or two from the story of such a well-loved figure.

Hopefully, you’ve learned something new about the fascinating character of Wukong! Until next time, goodbye from another exciting article!

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