How the Lyrics of Tell Me The Story of Jesus Inspire Us to Walk in His Footsteps.

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The gospel has been around for centuries. It’s no surprise that various mediums have been used to share the good news with the world. One such medium is music, specifically Christian hymns. They not only uplift our spirits but also provide a means to convey Jesus’ teachings to people of different ages and backgrounds. One such hymn, “Tell Me The Story of Jesus,” is a classic that has been inspiring Christians worldwide for decades.

The songwriters, Fanny Crosby and John R. Sweney, have crafted lyrics that illustrate Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. The hymn comprises four stanzas, each depicting a different aspect of Jesus’ life. Through their words, the writers invite us to live the life of Jesus.

The First Stanza: Jesus as a Child

In the first stanza, we read about Jesus’ childhood. We are reminded of the importance of being like the child Jesus, who was obedient to His parents, meek and mild, and always seeking to please His Father in heaven.

As believers, we are called to follow in Jesus’ footsteps, which means we must seek the Holy Spirit’s guidance to live our lives according to God’s will. We can learn from Jesus’ example and strive to be obedient to our earthly parents and also be respectful to all those around us, including the people we feel don’t deserve our respect.

The Second Stanza: Jesus as a Savior

In the second stanza, we are reminded of Jesus’ purpose on earth: to save us from our sins. Jesus died so that we might have eternal life, and He rose again on the third day to show us that He had conquered death.

Through this verse, we are invited to receive Jesus as our Lord and Savior. We can only receive salvation if we believe in Jesus and acknowledge our sins, confessing them to God, asking for His forgiveness.

The Third Stanza: Jesus as a Healer

The third stanza reminds us of Jesus’ compassion and healing power. He is the Great Physician, who can heal both our physical and emotional wounds.

As believers, we can take comfort in the fact that we serve a God who cares deeply for us and our wellbeing. And though we may not understand why we are going through painful experiences, we can trust that God has a plan for us, and He will heal all of our wounds in due time.

The Fourth Stanza: Jesus as a Coming King

The fourth and final stanza speaks of Jesus’ second coming. It reminds us to stay focused on our faith and keep our eyes fixed on the prize, which is eternal life in Christ.

As believers, we must prepare ourselves for Jesus’ return, just as we prepare ourselves for any other significant event in our lives. We must remain faithful and be ready to greet Him when He comes.


In conclusion, “Tell Me The Story of Jesus” is a hymn that inspires us to live our lives according to Jesus’ teachings. We can learn from His example and strive to be obedient, compassionate, and faithful. The lyrics remind us of the gospel’s key pillars and the importance of living our lives in a Christ-like manner.

As we reflect on the lyrics of this beautiful hymn, may it inspire us to walk in Jesus’ footsteps and share His love with those we meet.

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