How The Legend of the Blue Sea Became a Global Phenomenon

Hello PikiranMedia’s Friends: How The Legend of the Blue Sea Became a Global Phenomenon

The Korean wave is taking over the world, and K-dramas are a significant part of it. One such drama that has captured the hearts of millions worldwide is ‘The Legend of the Blue Sea’. But how did this drama manage to gain recognition worldwide? Let’s find out.

First off, ‘The Legend of the Blue Sea’ stars Lee Min-ho and Jun Ji-hyun, two of the most popular actors in Korea. Their chemistry on screen was undeniable, and they played their respective roles to perfection.

The storyline of the drama was another factor that appealed to viewers all around the world. It revolved around a mermaid and a con artist’s love story across time and space, with plenty of humor, romance, and suspense thrown in.

The production quality of the drama was also top-notch, with beautiful locations shot in Spain and South Korea. The set designs and costumes were flawless, adding to the overall grandeur of the drama.

The soundtrack of the drama was exceptional, too, featuring well-known K-pop artists such as EXO’s Chen and VIXX’s Ken. Each track suited the mood of the scene and was played at just the right moments, making the drama even more enjoyable.

The marketing strategy for the drama was also cleverly done, with teasers and trailers released well before the actual airing date. This generated excitement and anticipation among viewers worldwide, with many eagerly waiting for the drama’s release.

Another noteworthy aspect was the accessibility of the drama to international audiences. With online streaming platforms such as Netflix and Viki, viewers all over the world could watch ‘The Legend of the Blue Sea’ with subtitles in their desired language. This made it easier for international fans to get hooked onto the drama.

But the success of this drama can also be attributed to the booming global popularity of Korean culture. The Korean wave or ‘Hallyu’ has seen a significant rise in recent years, with Korean dramas, music, and films being appreciated and enjoyed worldwide.

With the Korean wave’s worldwide reach, ‘The Legend of the Blue Sea’ captured the attention of K-drama lovers all over the world. Its mix of fantasy, romance, and suspense proved to be a hit, making it a global phenomenon.

The drama’s popularity led to Lee Min-ho and Jun Ji-hyun being honored with the ‘Best Couple’ award at the SBS Drama Awards in 2016, showcasing how well-loved the drama was.

In conclusion, ‘The Legend of the Blue Sea’ became a global phenomenon thanks to the perfect combination of top-notch actors, exciting storyline, beautiful production quality, exceptional soundtrack, effective marketing strategy, accessibility to international audiences, and of course, the growing popularity of Korean culture worldwide.

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