How Bank of Adal’s 2nd Story Office Encourages Collaboration, Productivity, and Innovation

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Bank of Adal’s 2nd story office has been designed in a unique way to foster collaboration, productivity, and innovation among its employees. The bank believes that the physical space is just as important as the digital space when it comes to work efficiency. With that in mind, it has created an office environment that is conducive to employee satisfaction, creativity, and ultimately, profitability.

Open Layout

Most offices have high cubicle walls or private offices; however, Bank of Adal has opted for an open layout design. This design promotes a feeling of togetherness, allowing members to interact easily. The desks are also arranged in a way that facilitates teamwork while leaving enough space for personal privacy when needed. Employees can easily collaborate on projects or seek input from their colleagues.

Common Areas

Common areas are essential when it comes to employee productivity, and Bank of Adal’s second story office is no exception. The bank has created comfortable and relaxed common areas that employees can use for relaxation or networking. The most impressive area is a rooftop garden that overlooks the city skyline. Here, employees can enjoy fresh air, sunshine, and an uninterrupted view of the surroundings. This creates a relaxed atmosphere conducive to come up with new innovative ideas.


Poor lighting can affect employee productivity, causing eye strain and fatigue. Bank of Adal’s 2nd story office boasts of natural lighting, which reduces eye strain, improves mood, and contributes to employee satisfaction. This lighting helps in combating seasonal affective disorder, thus boosting employee productivity.

Networking Opportunities

Bank of Adal’s layout encourages interaction between employees. In addition, the bank hosts several events that promote networking and interaction. Such events provide employees with the opportunity to meet colleagues from other departments or even brainstorm innovative ideas with external facilitators.

Personal Workstations

Bank of Adal understands that some tasks require complete concentration and privacy, and therefore personal workstations are incorporated in the office layout. These private spaces allow employees the luxury of shutting out distractions and working on tasks that require complete focus.

Ergonomic Furniture

Ergonomic office furniture and equipment contribute to employee health and well-being. Bank of Adal prioritizes employee comfort by providing them with comfortable office chairs that promote good posture, thereby reducing the risk of musculoskeletal injuries.

Technology and Innovation

Bank of Adal’s second story office is equipped with the latest technology that’s designed to make work more efficient. The bank has invested in state-of-the-art communication equipment, which promotes faster and more collaborative communication among its employees. Smartboards and virtual reality simulators are also available to enhance training sessions and brainstorming activities.

Sustainable Working Environment

Bank of Adal has taken the lead in protecting the environment by incorporating sustainable measures into the office design. The office incorporates energy-efficient lighting, and waste management systems that encourage employees to recycle. The bank has also planted trees in the garden to act as an air purifier.

Comfortable Temperature

An office that’s either too hot or too cold can be a hindrance to work efficiency. Bank of Adal’s 2nd story office has a modern temperature control system that ensures the office temperature is comfortable for everyone.

Sound Dampening

Office noise can be distracting and hinder productivity. To minimize this, Bank of Adal has incorporated sound dampening technology in the office walls and ceilings. This technology reduces outside noise, creating a more peaceful environment for employees to work.

Training Rooms

As a bank, innovation is key, and this comes with continuous learning. Bank of Adal has several training rooms equipped with the latest technology, including virtual reality simulators, which promotes interactive and immersive learning. Such training facilitates employee growth, equipping employees with skills necessary to work on emerging technologies and stay competitive.

Employee Health

Bank of Adal is committed to its employees’ health and has incorporated fitness rooms in the office design. The bank understands that healthy employees are more productive and happy. The fitness rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art gym equipment and are accessible to all employees.

Relaxing Pods

The office environment can be stressful, and relaxation is essential to rejuvenate the mind. Bank of Adal has relaxation pods that employees can use when they need a rest. This promotes productivity by ensuring that employees rest when required, avoiding burnout.

Green Spaces

Green spaces have been proven to promote relaxation, creativity, and productivity. Bank of Adal’s second story office has several green spaces, including the rooftop garden, where employees can enjoy fresh air, sunshine, and a view of the city. These spaces promote relaxation, making them more productive when they get back to their workstations.

Flexible Working Hours

Bank of Adal recognizes that employees have personal commitments outside of work. Hence, the bank allows flexible working hours, enabling employees to balance their personal and work life better. This promotes employee satisfaction and enhances productivity.

Inclusivity in the Workplace

Inclusivity in the workplace is crucial, and Bank of Adal has taken note of this by incorporating facilities such as a prayer room, which is accessible to all employees. This inclusion promotes employee satisfaction and encourages diverse cultures to serve customers better.

Creativity Zones

Bank of Adal understands that innovation and creativity are central to the bank’s success. Promoting innovation among employees is essential; the bank has created creative zones in the office where employees can exchange ideas, brainstorm to come up with new ideas, they have stocked the area with items that can help stimulate creativity.

Employee empowerment

Bank of Adal values its employees and listens to their suggestions. The bank has created a suggestion box where employees can air their suggestions for improvements. This empowers employees and leads to a culture of continuous improvement.


Bank of Adal’s Second-story office is designed to promote collaboration, productivity, and innovation among its employees. The bank has incorporated several features and facilities that enhance employee satisfaction, promote wellness and productivity. Smart technology, sustainable solutions, and green spaces ensure that the bank sets the standard for employees’ workplace environment. Employees can collaborate easily, network, focus when necessary, and be innovative while working in this unique office environment. We hope that other banks and organizations follow suit towards a more productive work environment.

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