Grace In Action: Ellen G. White’s Story of Redemption

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Today, I want to talk about the story of redemption of Ellen G. White, a prominent Christian author and speaker who believed in the power of grace.

Early Life

Ellen Gould Harmon was born on November 26th, 1827, in Gorham, Maine. She was the youngest of eight children in a family of farmers. Religion played a significant role in her childhood as her family was deeply religious and belonged to the Methodist Church.

First Vision

At the age of nine, Ellen experienced a life-changing event that would shape the rest of her life. She had a vision that revealed to her God’s love, grace, and power. This experience greatly impacted her and instilled a deep faith in her that she would carry with her throughout her life.

Marriage and Ministry

In 1846, Ellen married James White, a preacher and editor of the Adventist Review. Together, they became instrumental in the development of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Ellen’s gift of prophecy and her writings were viewed as inspired and authoritative by many Adventists.

Ellen’s Writings

Ellen’s writings spanned over 70 years and included books, periodicals, and letters. Her most famous work, The Great Controversy, tells the story of the struggle between good and evil from the beginning of time. Other popular works include Steps to Christ and Desire of Ages.

Ellen’s Influence

Ellen’s influence was not limited to the Adventist community. Her writings have been translated into dozens of languages, and her impact has been felt by Christians of all denominations. Her message of grace and redemption has touched the lives of countless people around the world.

Ellen’s Struggles

Despite her deep faith and commitment to service, Ellen faced many struggles throughout her life. She battled poor health, personal loss, and the stress of leadership. However, she held fast to her beliefs and relied on her faith to see her through difficult times.

Ellen’s Legacy

Ellen G. White passed away on July 16, 1915, at the age of 87. However, her impact and legacy continue to this day. Her message of redemption through grace has touched the lives of millions of people around the world, and her writings continue to be a source of comfort and inspiration to many.

Grace In Action

Ellen G. White’s life demonstrates the power of grace in action. Despite her struggles and challenges, she remained steadfast in her belief that God’s grace was greater than anything else. Her life is a testament to the transformative power of grace, and her writings continue to inspire people to this day to live lives of service and faith.


In conclusion, the story of Ellen G. White’s redemption is a powerful reminder of the transformative power of grace. Her life and writings continue to inspire and challenge us to live lives of faith and service, and her message of redemption through grace remains as relevant today as ever. Let us all strive to follow in her footsteps and live lives that reflect the love and grace of God.

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