From Deep Water to Dry Land: The Enigma of Situ Bagendit Finally Unraveled

Hello PikiranMedia’s Friends: From Deep Water to Dry Land: The Enigma of Situ Bagendit Finally Unraveled

In the heart of Garut, Indonesia, lies Situ Bagendit, a large lake that has been shrouded in mystery and supernatural legends for centuries. The lake, which spans over 115 hectares, was the center of a long-standing enigma that has finally been unravelled by scientists and historians.

For years, the lake appeared to defy the laws of physics. It would mysteriously drain out of the blue on one day and refill itself without any visible source of water. The locals believed that spirits were responsible for its strange behavior.

Many theories were proposed to explain the strange phenomenon, some even suggested that there was a hidden underground river that fed the lake. However, none of these theories was concrete enough to explain the lake’s behavior.

It was only in the late 19th century that a Dutch engineer, J. G. van Dijk, discovered the cause of the enigma. Van Dijk conducted several experiments and discovered that the lake was connected to an underground river that flowed into a nearby river, the Cimanuk.

Van Dijk’s theory was later supported by a 20th-century geologist, who confirmed that the lake had a narrow opening into a subterranean river that flowed into the Cimanuk river.

The mystery of the Situ Bagendit was finally solved, and the legend of the supernatural spirits could finally be put to rest. However, the lake continued to intrigue the scientific community, and many research projects were conducted to study the aquatic biodiversity of the lake.

Scientists discovered that the lake was home to several unique aquatic species, including the endangered Javanese eel. The lake’s biodiversity was so diverse that it was declared a protected natural reserve in 1981.

The lake’s protected status has led to increased tourism in the area, and the local government has taken several measures to promote ecotourism. Visitors can now take boat rides on the lake and witness the incredible biodiversity firsthand.


The mystery of the Situ Bagendit was one that had defied explanation for centuries. Dutch engineer J. G. van Dijk’s discovery in the late 19th century finally solved the mystery of the lake’s strange behavior. Today, the lake continues to attract visitors from all over the world, not only because of its incredible history, but because of its extraordinary biodiversity. The Situ Bagendit is a reminder of the incredible mysteries that lie in the natural world, and it will continue to fascinate scientists and visitors alike for generations to come.

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