Exploring the Mysterious History of Situ Bagendit

Exploring the Mysterious History of Situ Bagendit

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Situ Bagendit is a natural tourist destination located in Sumedang, West Java, Indonesia. The lake is known for its crystal clear water, but beneath its serene beauty, it has a mysterious past that has baffled locals and tourists alike for years. Join us as we explore the story behind the legend of Situ Bagendit.

The story of Situ Bagendit began in the 16th century when a wealthy family living near the lake was said to have angered the gods by fishing in the lake on a sacred day. As punishment, the gods caused a massive flood that killed everyone in the area except for a pregnant woman who managed to escape to higher ground. The woman gave birth to a son and named him Bagendit.

As Bagendit grew up, he became curious about the lake that had taken everything from his family. One day he decided to swim across the lake to see if he could find any clues about what had happened. He never returned, and it was said that he was taken away by the spirits of the lake. Ever since then, the lake has been known as Situ Bagendit.

Over the years, Situ Bagendit has become known for more than just its tragic past. The lake is also believed to have healing powers, and many people come from all over to bathe in its waters to cure their illnesses. The locals also believe that the lake is home to a mythical creature known as the “ngejot.”

The ngejot is a serpent-like creature that is said to live in the depths of the lake. According to witnesses, the ngejot can grow up to 10 meters long, and its body is covered in shiny scales. The creature is known to attack fishermen and boats, but it is also said to bring good luck to those who manage to see it.

Situ Bagendit also has a unique feature that sets it apart from other lakes. The lake is known to have an underground tunnel that connects it to two other nearby lakes. The tunnel is said to be over 2 kilometers long and was used by locals to transport goods between the lakes. Today, the tunnel is off-limits to tourists due to safety concerns, but it is still a fascinating part of the lake’s history.

Another interesting fact about Situ Bagendit is that it was used as a filming location for a popular Indonesian horror movie called “Jelangkung.” The movie is about a group of friends who use a traditional puppet called “jelangkung” to communicate with spirits. The movie’s climax takes place on the shores of Situ Bagendit, and the lake’s eerie atmosphere adds to the movie’s scary vibe.

Despite Situ Bagendit’s dark past and mysterious legends, the lake remains a popular tourist destination. Visitors can swim and paddle in the lake, or they can explore the surrounding area on foot or by bike. There are also several wooden huts and gazebos that can be rented for a picnic or to relax and take in the beautiful scenery.

In conclusion, Situ Bagendit is more than just a picturesque lake. It is a place shrouded in mystery and intrigue, with a history that has captivated locals and tourists for centuries. Whether you believe in the legends or not, it’s hard not to be enchanted by the beauty of the lake and the surrounding area.

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