Diving into the Deep Mysteries of Legend of the Blue Sea

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If you’re a fan of Korean dramas, there’s no way you haven’t heard of the hit show “Legend of the Blue Sea.” This drama follows the story of a mermaid who falls in love with a con artist and it’s filled with twists and turns that will leave you on the edge of your seat until the very end. Today, we’ll be diving into the deep mysteries of Legend of the Blue Sea.

Introduction to the Show

Legend of the Blue Sea is a romantic comedy-fantasy drama that aired in 2016 and has since then captured the hearts of viewers all over the world. The show stars Jun Ji-hyun as Shim Chung, a mermaid who finds herself in Seoul, and Lee Min-ho as Heo Joon-jae, a con artist and thief. The two end up falling in love even though they come from completely different worlds.

The Mystery of Shim Chung’s Past

Throughout the show, we learn more about Shim Chung’s past and how she ended up in Seoul. Her story is filled with mystery and heartache as she tries to adapt to life on land. She’s constantly on the run from those who want to capture her and use her for their own purposes.

The Con Artist with a Heart of Gold

Heo Joon-jae is a con artist who’s constantly on the run. He doesn’t believe in love or anything other than money, but that all changes when he meets Shim Chung. He starts to see the world in a different light and realizes that there are more important things in life than just money.

Falling in Love Against All Odds

The chemistry between Shim Chung and Heo Joon-jae is undeniable. They’re from completely different worlds, but they still manage to fall in love. Their love is put to the test time and time again as they try to navigate their way through the challenges of their relationship.

The Villains of Legend of the Blue Sea

No drama is complete without its villains, and Legend of the Blue Sea has a few of them. There’s Mo Yoo-ran, a con artist who’s after Heo Joon-jae’s money, and Ma Dae-young, a businessman who wants to capture Shim Chung and use her for his own gain. These villains create a sense of suspense and keep viewers on the edge of their seat.

Parallel Timelines

One of the most unique aspects of Legend of the Blue Sea is its use of parallel timelines. The show switches between present-day Seoul and the Joseon era, where we see the story of a mermaid who fell in love with a human. The way the two timelines are woven together adds a sense of depth and richness to the show.

Mermaid Mythology

Legend of the Blue Sea is based on Korean mermaid folklore, which adds a sense of mysticism and magic to the show. The mermaid in the show has the ability to erase memories and can survive on land as long as her kimchi refrigerator is plugged in. Learning about this mythology adds another layer to the show and makes it all the more fascinating.

The Mystery of Heo Joon-jae’s Mother

Heo Joon-jae’s mother is a mystery that’s slowly unraveled throughout the show. We learn that she’s a famous actress who gave birth to Joon-jae out of wedlock and has since then disappeared. Her story is intertwined with the mermaid’s, and the two are connected in a way that viewers don’t expect.

The Use of Soundtrack

The music in Legend of the Blue Sea is beautiful and adds to the overall mood of the show. From the hauntingly beautiful score to the upbeat pop songs, the soundtrack is a vital part of the show. The music helps to evoke emotions in viewers and adds depth to scenes.

The Comedy Factor

While there are plenty of dramatic moments in Legend of the Blue Sea, there’s also a lot of humor. Shim Chung’s innocence and lack of knowledge about the world leads to some hilarious moments, and the banter between her and Joon-jae is genuinely funny.

The Power of Love

At its core, Legend of the Blue Sea is a love story. It shows viewers that love can conquer all and that even those from different worlds can find a way to be together. The show has a message of hope and of the power of love that’s sure to resonate with viewers.

The Art of Acting

The acting in Legend of the Blue Sea is top-notch, with Jun Ji-hyun and Lee Min-ho delivering standout performances. Their chemistry on-screen is palpable and adds to the overall depth of the show. The supporting cast is also excellent, with each actor bringing something unique to the show.

The Twists and Turns

Like any good drama, Legend of the Blue Sea is full of twists and turns that keep viewers hooked. From unexpected plot points to shocking reveals, the show knows how to keep viewers on their toes.

The Emotional Impact

Legend of the Blue Sea is an emotional rollercoaster. It has moments of joy, moments of sadness, and moments of pure love. Through the characters, we experience a range of emotions, and by the end of the show, viewers are left feeling fulfilled and satisfied.

The Importance of Family

Family plays an important role in Legend of the Blue Sea. Both Shim Chung and Heo Joon-jae come from broken families and throughout the show, they start to build a new family together. The show highlights the importance of family and the power of love to bring people together.

The Cinematography

The cinematography in Legend of the Blue Sea is stunning. From the bustling streets of Seoul to the serene coastline, every shot is beautiful and adds to the overall experience of the show.

The Global Appeal

Legend of the Blue Sea isn’t just popular in Korea; it has a global appeal. The show has been dubbed in multiple languages and has fans all over the world. Its unique storyline and excellent acting have made it a hit with audiences of all ages.

The Awards and Recognition

Legend of the Blue Sea was a critical and commercial success. It won multiple awards at the SBS Drama Awards, including Outstanding Actress for Jun Ji-hyun and Outstanding Actor for Lee Min-ho. The show was also nominated for Best Drama at the Baeksang Arts Awards.

The Legacy of Legend of the Blue Sea

Even though Legend of the Blue Sea aired in 2016, its impact is still felt today. The show has a dedicated fanbase, and its legacy continues to grow. It’s a show that will be remembered for years to come.

The Bottom Line

Legend of the Blue Sea is a show that’s full of mystery, romance, and heart. Its unique storyline and excellent cast make it a must-watch for anyone who loves Korean dramas. If you’re looking for a show that will keep you on the edge of your seat and leave you feeling fulfilled, Legend of the Blue Sea is the show for you.

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