Candi Prambanan: A Testament to the Glory of Hindu-Buddhist Civilization in Southeast Asia

Candi Prambanan: A Testament to the Glory of Hindu-Buddhist Civilization in Southeast Asia

Hello PikiranMedia’s Friends, today we will be exploring one of the most magnificent feats of architecture and engineering in Southeast Asia: Candi Prambanan, a temple complex in Central Java, Indonesia. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a testament to the glory of the Hindu-Buddhist civilization that flourished in this region during the 8th century.

The History of Candi Prambanan

Candi Prambanan was built during the reign of the Syailendra dynasty, who ruled over Central Java from the 8th to 9th century. The temple complex is dedicated to the Trimurti, the three main deities in Hinduism: Brahma the Creator, Vishnu the Preserver, and Shiva the Destroyer.

It is said that the Syailendra dynasty wanted to show off its power and piety by constructing this grand temple complex. The intricate carvings and towering spires of Candi Prambanan showcase the expertise of the Javanese architects and craftsmen who built it.

The Architecture of Candi Prambanan

Candi Prambanan is composed of three main temples dedicated to Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. These temples are surrounded by a number of smaller shrines dedicated to their respective mounts or vahanas, including Nandi the bull, Garuda the eagle, and Hamsa the swan.

The Shiva temple, which is the largest and most impressive of the three, stands at 47 meters high and features four chambers, each housing a statue of the god. The outer walls of the temple are adorned with intricate carvings depicting scenes from the ancient Hindu epics, such as the Ramayana and Mahabharata.

Rediscovery and Restoration

Although Candi Prambanan was abandoned for centuries, it was rediscovered in the early 19th century by the European colonial powers who were fascinated by the region’s rich cultural heritage. In the 20th century, extensive restoration work was undertaken to repair the damage done to the temples by earthquakes and natural wear and tear.

Today, Candi Prambanan is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Indonesia and a symbol of the country’s rich cultural legacy. Visitors from all over the world come to marvel at its breathtaking beauty and to learn about the Hindu-Buddhist history of this region.


Candi Prambanan is a true testament to the awe-inspiring creativity and technological prowess of the ancient Hindu-Buddhist civilization in Southeast Asia. Its towering spires, intricate carvings, and stunning architecture continue to inspire and captivate visitors from all over the world.

We hope that you have enjoyed learning about Candi Prambanan with us today. Until next time, thank you for reading and keep exploring the wonders of our world!

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