Candi Prambanan: A Historical Treasure that Tells the Story of a Bygone Era

Hello PikiranMedia’s Friends, welcome to an exciting journey to explore Indonesia’s ancient treasure, the Candi Prambanan. This historical site is situated in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, and is considered one of the planet’s most significant cultural landmarks. Its distinct architecture and fascinating history provide you with an extraordinary experience of the past.

A Brief Overview of Candi Prambanan

The Candi Prambanan, also known as the Rara Jonggrang Temple, is a Hindu temple from the 9th-century located in Prambanan, Central Java, Indonesia. It is a stunning display of Hindu culture, which fascinates visitors from all over the world because of its intricate architecture and the stories it tells.

The temple was in ruins for centuries, up until the Dutch colonial period, when it underwent extensive restoration. Preceding the renovations, the temple lost many of its smaller shrines, damaged by earthquakes and subsequent power struggles among rivaling kingdoms.

The Intriguing Architecture of Candi Prambanan

What immediately catches your eye is the sixty-six-foot-tall central sikhara, a tower, and its three smaller siblings, which resemble mountaintops. The temple’s layout is symmetrical, with the central tower surrounded by forty-six smaller shrines, creating an awe-inspiring sight.

The intricacy of Prambanan’s architecture is what makes it remarkable. Each stone is strategically positioned, with reliefs carved into them, telling fascinating tales of Hindu’s culture and history. The temple’s four main chambers symbolize the four stages of life in Hindu philosophy, from birth to spiritual enlightenment.

The Legends behind Candi Prambanan

The temple’s name comes from an ancient Javanese legend of a princess named Roro Jonggrang. She had turned down a prince’s love, who was the temple’s builder, as an act of revenge, the prince cursed her, turning her into stone. This story is said to explain the temple’s complete restoration as an act of compensation for Roro Jonggrang’s curse.

However, there is a Hindu legend behind the temple’s construction. It tells the tale of the Hindu god Shiva’s devout follower, Bandung Bondowoso, who wished to marry a princess, Roro Jonggrang. To avoid marrying him, she provides an impossible challenge; she required a thousand temples to be erected before dawn. After much effort, the challenge was finished before dawn, at which point Roro Jonggrang turned into stone, and the story ends.

What to Expect when Visiting Candi Prambanan

A visit to this historical site will leave you speechless since you see the fusion of stunning architecture and rich cultural heritage, as well as an excellent opportunity to learn about ancient society. The temple’s reliefs also depict the lives of the people who lived in ancient Java, who were predominately Hindu.

Upon arrival, you will find an extensive park, Prambanan Park, which includes fourteen temples, the primary one being Candi Prambanan. The park serves as a recreational space for those seeking to enjoy the outdoors or have picnics.

As a visitor, you can also expect to see several traditional Javanese dance performances, which typically tells the story of Hindu mythology.

Preparations before Visiting Candi Prambanan

Before you plan a visit, it’s best to know the season and weather conditions. The best time to visit is from June to September, during the dry season when the weather is comfortable. It’s also best to wear light, loose-fitting clothes since the temple is humid and warm.

Furthermore, bringing sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, and a water bottle is encouraged since the site is vast. Additionally, comfortable shoes are essential since the temple’s stairs are steep and uneven, and visitors are not allowed to wear shoes inside the temple.

How to Reach Candi Prambanan

There are several ways to get to the temple, one of which is via Yogyakarta’s Adisucipto International Airport. From there, take a taxi or a bus to the temple complex, roughly 17 kilometers away. You can also take the Trans Jogja bus service, which is a bus rapid transit system in Yogyakarta Province. Several buses operate routes that include the temple complex, and the cost is relatively affordable.


Candi Prambanan is a historical treasure that’s worth exploring. Its stunning architecture, rich history, and legends have stood the test of time, and it’s exciting that the world can still learn from it. As a visitor, ensure that you come prepared, and you will undoubtedly enjoy the experience.

That’s all for this article, dear PikiranMedia’s Friends. Stay tuned for more exciting news and articles.

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