Behind the Scenes: The Making of The Legend of the Blue Sea

Behind the Scenes: The Making of The Legend of the Blue Sea

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If you were a fan of the hit Korean drama “The Legend of the Blue Sea,” then you know just how mesmerizing it was. This fantasy and romantic drama was created by writer Park Ji-eun and director Jin Hyuk. It tells the story of a mermaid, named Shim Cheong, who travels to Seoul to find her true love.

But have you ever wondered what went into the making of this masterpiece? Let’s take a glimpse behind the scenes and find out.

Scriptwriting Process

Creating a story of this magnitude takes time and dedication. Writer Park Ji-eun reportedly took over three years to complete the script. The idea of the show came from a Korean mythical tale. The writer then creatively transformed it into a modern-day fantasy romance.


The casting process for the show was quite interesting. The lead actor, Lee Min-ho, had already worked with the director, Jin Hyuk, on a previous drama called “City Hunter.” They reportedly met over a cup of coffee and decided to work on this project together. Jun Ji-hyun was cast as the mermaid, Shim Cheong. Her performance was incredibly outstanding.

Location Scouting

Most of the show was shot in Spain. The production team chose the location to establish a fantasy-like world. The Mediterranean Sea provided a beautiful background for Shim Cheong’s aquatic scenes.

Costumes and Makeup

The clothing and makeup for this drama were not ordinary. Costume designer, Kwon Yoo-jin, created unique looks for each character. The mermaid’s costume consisted of a full-body fishtail made from silicone. Her hair and makeup artist, Lee Kyung-min, worked tirelessly to create the perfect under-the-sea look for Shim Cheong.

Special Effects

The show’s special effects team worked to make the mermaid’s underwater scenes look realistic. The team used a mix of CGI and practical effects to bring the magical world of the mermaid to life.


The show’s soundtrack also deserves a mention. The OST featured several artists, including LYn and Sung Si-kyung. The main song, “Love Story,” was a collaboration between singer Lyn and composer Yoon Jong-shin. It became an instant hit, topping Korean music charts for weeks.


“The Legend of the Blue Sea” was a massive success in Korea and received high viewership ratings. It was also popular internationally, especially in China. The show was praised for its cinematography, acting, and music.


It is clear that the success of “The Legend of the Blue Sea” was due to the hard work of the cast and crew. The drama was beautifully shot, and the plot was incredibly engaging. It’s no wonder fans fell in love with the show. Hopefully, reading about the making of the show has given you a newfound appreciation for its creation.

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