A Mermaid’s Tale: Understanding The Legend of the Blue Sea

A Mermaid’s Tale: Understanding The Legend of the Blue Sea

Hello PikiranMedia’s Friends! Have you ever heard about the legend of the Blue Sea and the mermaid? The story has been circulating for centuries and has been adapted into various forms of media. However, many people still find the tale to be mysterious and fascinating. In this article, we will be exploring the origins of this legend and what makes it so captivating.

The Origin of the Legend

The legend of the Blue Sea has its roots in South Korean mythology. It tells the story of a mermaid named Shim Chung who falls in love with a human man named Kim Dam-ryeong. The tale has been passed down through generations and has become a significant part of Korean culture.

According to the legend, Shim Chung was born out of a flower and grew up in the deep waters of the Blue Sea. One day, she saved Kim Dam-ryeong from drowning, and he fell in love with her. Their love story was not easy, though, as the two struggled to overcome significant obstacles in their quest to be together.

The Popularity of the Legend

The legend of the Blue Sea has gained popularity worldwide, thanks to its adaptation into various forms of media. In 2016, the Korean drama “The Legend of the Blue Sea” aired, starring Jun Ji-hyun and Lee Min-ho, and became a massive hit. The drama brought this tale to a broader audience and solidified its place in pop culture.

The legend has also been adapted into various other forms of media, including novels, animations, and even video games. Its popularity shows that the story and its underlying themes still resonate with people today.

The Themes of the Legend

One of the reasons why the legend of the Blue Sea is so captivating is due to its underlying themes. At its core, the story is a tale of love overcoming adversity, regardless of the differences between the two lovers. The tale highlights the importance of acceptance and understanding in relationships and shows that even the most unlikely pairings can be successful.

The story’s themes also focus on the importance of family, community, and sacrifice. Shim Chung’s love for her father motivates her actions throughout the story, and Kim Dam-ryeong is also driven by his loyalty to his people. These relationships-based themes make the legend relevant to people from different cultures and backgrounds.

The Lessons We Can Learn from the Legend

The legend of the Blue Sea has many valuable lessons that we can apply to our lives. It teaches us the importance of love, family, and loyalty. The story also emphasizes the role of sacrifice and the ability to stand up for oneself and those we love, even if it means facing opposition.

Additionally, the legend reminds us of the value of being different and accepting others’ differences. Shim Chung and Kim Dam-ryeong come from seemingly different worlds, but their love shows that acceptance and understanding can bridge even the most significant gaps.


In conclusion, the legend of the Blue Sea is a captivating tale that has been passed down through generations and has found a place in popular culture worldwide. The story’s themes of love, sacrifice, and family make it relevant in today’s society.

Moreover, the message of acceptance and understanding makes the story a reminder of the importance of embracing differences and overcoming adversity. The legend of the Blue Sea is an engaging and thought-provoking tale that has many lessons and messages that are still relevant today.

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